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Thursday, April 02, 2009

G. Gordon Deathbot of the Year 2092

G. Gordon Deathbot

Ethical Stance: Ethics are for the weak (Villain)

Skills and Abilities: Before receiving his Deathbot enhancements, G. Gordon Deathbot was a extremely “creative”, if often flawed tactician. He was also a below average to adequate plumber, athlete, children’s book author, and soldier. His one unique feature was his inability to feel any pain. Since receiving his Deathbot enhancements, he has increased his strength, vision, speed, stamina, tactical, and plumbing abilities to superhuman proportions (although his children’s books have only gotten worse). G. Gordon Deathbot grows stronger any time he is injured, but loses that strength if he doesn’t feast on a hippie within 48 hours after the injury. After his enhancement, he was given the ability to switch his future body with one in the past—once.

Weaknesses: G. Gordon Deathbot must feed on hippies once a fortnight, or he becomes extremely weak. During this state of weakness he is highly susceptible to infection. After a feeding, he can become overwhelmed with desire for the “love” of a lady of the night (preferably Thai). This state of need supersedes all others, and can cause him to abandon a scheme or plan at a moment’s notice. A single silver bullet dipped in LSD to the base of the skull will kill him even after a recent feeding.

Origin: G. Gordon Liddy was a former soldier, FBI agent, lawyer, political operative, actor, amateur plumber, children’s book author, talk show host, and Nietzsche enthusiast. He was born in 1930, in Hoboken, and rose to prominence through his efforts at being crazy, but earnest. It has been speculated that having two alliterate first names and the middle name “Battle” contributed greatly to his life-long battle with stability.  

Sometime in the early 21st Century, G. Gordon Liddy became ill. His son, Cdr. James G. Liddy, decided to have his head removed and frozen in a cryogenic chamber, hoping for a future where he could rise again to say nonsense things about Hitler.

In the year 2092, a mysterious and unidentified scientist (and Nietzsche enthusiast) inspired by the movie "Street Asylum," began experiments to create his own “Superman.” His original experiments with Ted Williams failed, but once he stumbled upon the better-preserved head of Liddy, he was determined to succeed. Liddy’s inability to feel pain and his worldview made him the ideal candidate for enhancement.

Before his tactical circuits had a chance to come on-line, he foolishly chose to use his one shot at time-travel to return to 2006 (because he could replace a 75 year-old body with a robot one), not realizing that if he would have gone back to the 1970s he could have pulled off the Watergate break-in without detection and avoided all of the jail-time and whatever depraved act he had to perform for Jimmy Carter to earn his pardon. (Plus, he totally would have won that episode of Celebrity Fear Factor.)

Unfortunately, his 75-year old body was unable to handle the rigors of time-travel and perished sometime before the year 2092, squandering his chance to receive new enhancements and continue to live on in the future. It is unclear how he was finally exterminated. He lived to at least 2075, because that is when G. Gordon Deathbot Jr. was conceived.

In the present day, G. Gordon Deathbot continues to maintain a public persona as G. Gordon Liddy. The world at large is unaware that the man who isn’t making sense on FOX TV is really a Deathbot.

Associations and Relations: G. Gordon Deathbot has planned and participated in several heists with Frost Nixon. He has worked closely with Reagatron Deathface. He is also a close friend and book club member with Rothko-man Deconstructer.

Sometime in 2075, G. Gordon Deathbot conceived a son with a good-hearted Thai lady who was just trying to put her way through space college. This child was born with superior Deathbot parts, and grew to be G. Gordon Deathbot, Jr. He is a Deathbot of pure good (as opposed to his father), and has traveled back to the present to foil his father’s nefarious plots. G. Gordon Deathbot does not often speak of his native time, except to say that, “It is Hell, and my father is a King.”

He is not related to Dabney Coleman in any way, shape, or form (well…maybe shape and form).

Enemies: G. Gordon Deathbot and G. Gordon Deathbot Jr. are locked in a mortal battle for the future of freedom and democracy. G. Gordon Deathbot has also tangled with Charles Bronson: Snow Avenger and Roberto Devlin (at the behest of his friend, Rothko-man). 



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